Why? Because everyone should have access to the Word of God in a language they understand!

YWAM Lebanon is reaching out in our city of Lebanon schools and community events with gifts of “Bibles 4 kids!”  In the past 3 years, over 300 children have received a colorful, easy-to-read Children’s Bibles, and started the adventure of getting to know God through the pages of Scripture!

This is a part of the YWAM International global initiative to ‘End Bible Poverty Now’.  Because millions of people currently do not have access to the Word of God, a plan has been set in place to produce and distribute the Bible in every language for every people group until every nation is transformed by the Word of God.

YWAM is proud to partner with many organizations around the world to accomplish this task, as we believe that everyone in the Kingdom of God has a role in ending Bible poverty.

We invite YOU to join us in this initiative!

Donate now to purchase Bibles —give the gift of the Word of God…in words that a child can understand!  Just $10 can buy a Kids’ Storybook Bible!!  www.ywampa.org/donate/

You might also want to become part of a prayer movement (https://www.endbiblepovertynow.com/pray) and even mobilize your church or small group to start your own projects to ‘End Bible Poverty Now’!

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