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Upcoming TOEFL Prep Courses:

January 13-February 7, 2020

Information about the TOEFL Prep Course at YWAM Lebanon PA


At YWAM Lebanon, we have a desire to equip disciples to know God and make Him known.

For some internationals, this may require achieving advanced English language status.

Studying for and taking the TOEFL test can help prepare you to pursue further training in English language institutions, including YWAM’s University of the Nations.

It can also help you to improve your already advanced English proficiency for various purposes, such as language interpretation/translation or ministry on college campuses of English speaking countries.

What is the TOEFL Prep Course

TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, an international benchmark of language proficiency.  Many educational institutions and workplaces require a certain TOEFL level for acceptance.  It shows you have an advanced level of English suitable for their purposes.

This seminar is a one-month training designed to help participants prepare for official TOEFL testing.  You will study listening, speaking, reading and writing with TOEFL prep materials and will try at least 3 practice tests.  We do not offer the official test at YWAM Lebanon.


For this seminar, the DTS is NOT required.  However, participants must already be at an intermediate to advanced level of English in order to be successful.  You may or may not have tried the TOEFL test before.

Life at YWAM

We recognize that relationships – with God and people – are very important and this YWAM tradition of “community living” plays an important part in bringing the base together.

In the TOEFL training, participants will learn and work together, benefiting from our English speaking international community of people who love God.   You will have opportunity to join in worship, intercession, and community outreach as you grow in discipleship and learn to know God better and make Him known!

We live together, eat together, work together, share our lives, living spaces, and work duties for the benefit of the community. This helps us keep costs down and allows each individual to grow in very practical ways as he or she walks out what it means to love and lay down their lives for others.

Single students share a room with several other people and have dorm-style bathrooms; married students have a room of their own in a shared suite. Meals are prepared in the base kitchen and eaten together with all the staff and students (including those of other schools). The base lounge is the usual hangout spot during free times but sometimes people just get together for a spontaneous jam session or time of worship in the auditorium. Housekeeping is accomplished through daily “work duties” because everybody knows that a good missionary isn’t afraid of a little work – and there’s something about cleaning toilets…


The cost of the TOEFL course is $1,050 USD + $100 for books. The fee includes lectures, housing and meals for the four weeks of the course.  There is also a non-refundable application fee of $40.

Note: Arrive by 5:00 PM on Sunday before training starts and depart on Saturday after training ends. We do not observe holiday breaks.  We cannot accommodate early arrivals.

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