‘Front-lines’ Ministry Training

You have answered the call to missions and you want to be sent out. You may have a specific country, people group or sphere of influence on your heart–or maybe you are just ready to follow God where He leads!

The field of greatest need is the ’10-40 Window’–the area of the world where 2/3 of the world’s population lives. Right now these people have no access to the gospel unless someone is specifically sent to them! Maybe you are a pioneer God is calling!

The SOM will help give you the tools and training to prepare you for the long haul. After 3 months training, a personal 2-3 month internship will be set up to fit your goals and give you a chance to practice under long-term missionary mentors.

Join this training and launch out to answer God’s call!

Coming soon: 2020

Information about SOM at YWAM Lebanon

What is SOM?

SOM is a secondary school that will train YWAMers who are open and/or ready to be sent out into the mission field in any sphere of influence.  The lecture phase taught by veteran missionaries will give practical training and answer students’ questions, allowing them to be realistically prepared to complete a field internship and to positively view a long-term missionary commitment, potentially in the 10/40 Window.

History of missions, church planting, entry strategies, cultural relevance, raising partners, urban missions, community development, interpersonal relationships and team building are some of the topics covered.


As part of the SOM, students will be assigned to a 2-3 month internship tailored to their personal goals either in the 10/40 Window or another area of the world.  Each student will experience serving with a quality missionary or missionary team doing what is on his/her heart to do.  It will be long enough to get a taste of reality in the mission field while being supported by experienced missionary mentors, allowing the student to gain skills and experience for successful long-term service.


Applicants for SOM will have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and ideally have been on staff in YWAM for a year or more. You should be ready, at least, to consider an overseas or cross-cultural missions commitment and may already have a location/ministry in mind .

Life at YWAM

We recognize that relationships – with God and people – are very important and this YWAM tradition of “community living” plays an important part in bringing the base together.

We live together, eat together, work together, share our lives, living spaces, and work duties for the benefit of the community. This helps us keep costs down and allows each individual to grow in very practical ways as he or she walks out what it means to love and lay down their lives for others.

Single students share a room with several other people and have dorm-style bathrooms; married couples and families have a room of their own in a shared suite. Meals are prepared in the base kitchen and eaten together with all the staff and students (including those of other schools). The base lounge is the usual hangout spot during free times but sometimes people just get together for a spontaneous jam session or time of worship in the auditorium. Housekeeping is accomplished through daily “work duties” because everybody knows that a good missionary isn’t afraid of a little work – and there’s something about cleaning toilets…


The total cost of SOM will include the lecture phase fee (which includes tuition, housing, food and ministry activities) and the 2-3 month internship costs (which will vary by location and country and cover travel and ground fees).  $40 non-refundable application fee is due with your application.

Additional costs include transportation to and from the school, extra immunizations, visa and/or passport costs, books, laundry, personal items or travel, spending money and tithes/offerings.

Watch for specific details soon.

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