Are you over 30 and feeling like you’re at a crossroads?

The Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) is designed for people standing at a crossroads in their lives. It is for people who long to know God’s heart, to hear his voice in increasing measure, and to walk in increasing spiritual authority. The Crossroads DTS is formatted to meet the needs of adults ages 30 and over – singles, couples, and families with children.

Next Session: February 10 – June 27, 2020
Applications: Deadline November 10, 2019
(Late applications welcome and accepted, but they are not guaranteed to be processed in time)

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Information about CDTS at YWAM Lebanon

What will the course be like?

The first 12 weeks of DTS (called the “Lecture Phase”) are designed for you to have time alone with God, interact with a small group and participate in dynamic lectures given by international speakers who have served all over the world. Each DTS is unique but all include these topics:

  • The Character and Nature of God
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Intercession, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare
  • Christian Character
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • The ‘Divine Plumbline’
  • …plus a whole lot more!
Where will I go?

The “Outreach Phase” is an important part of DTS. Students are given an opportunity to put into practice the things they learned in the Lecture Phase – in another country! Students get to be the hands and feet of Christ working together to serve others in a different culture. Some of the things you may find yourself doing are:

    • “Street” Evangelism (including mime, dramas, dances, songs etc.)
    • Teaching English
    • Teaching Bible
    • Conducting a Bible Camp
    • Painting and practical work
    • Visiting orphans
    • …or any other number of projects to help local people, believers and long-term missionaries.

The location for the next Outreach hasn’t been decided yet. Past outreaches have included trips to Ukraine, Albania, Romania, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and Guyana, South America.

Life at YWAM

We live together, eat together, work together, share our lives, living spaces, and work duties for the benefit of the community. This helps us keep costs down and allows each individual to grow in very practical ways as he or she walks out what it means to love and lay down their lives for others.

Single students share a room with several other people and have dorm-style bathrooms; married couples and famlies have a room of their own in a shared suite. Meals are prepared in the base kitchen and eaten together with all the staff and students (including those of other schools). The base lounge is the usual hangout spot during free times but sometimes people just get together for a spontaneous jam session or time of worship in the auditorium. Housekeeping is accomplished through daily “work duties” because everybody knows that a good missionary isn’t afraid of a little work – and there’s something about cleaning toilets…

We recognize that relationships – with God and people – are very important and this YWAM tradition of “community living” plays an important part in bringing the base together.


The total cost of CDTS is $6295 USD plus the airfare from Lebanon, PA to the outreach location. Breaking that down, Lecture Phase costs $2995 plus a $500 conference fee (which is refundable if the CDTS does not attend a conference). Included in these costs are lectures and classroom materials, local ministry and outreach costs, housing and meals.  Outreach Phase costs $2800 plus airfare.

A $40 non-refundable deposit is due with your application.

Additional costs include your transportation to and from the school, extra immunizations and any medical costs, visa and/or passport costs, books, laundry, personal items, local personal travel, spending money and tithes/offerings.

For families, please contact us for availability and costs for supporting spouse and children.

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