Passing on the hope of Jesus Christ!

From the day Jesus rose from the grave to Pentecost and the spread of the early church across centuries and continents, the fires of the gospel have spread.

From Europe, early Moravian settlers and missionaries came to the rolling farmland of Pennsylvania, committed to keeping the faith as well as passing it on.

In this fertile field, YWAM Lebanon seeks to help our students to grow in Christ, know their calling in the Kingdom, develop skills and gifts, and pass on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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From Discipleship Training School (Frontiers, Children-at-Risk and Crossroads) to TESOL (Teaching English), ESL (Learning English) and TOEFL (preparing for the TOEFL exam) to FCM Foundations for Counseling Ministry School, YWAM Lebanon offers a grace-filled place to be equipped for reaching the nations in all spheres of influence with the good news of Jesus!


YWAM Lebanon is reaching out locally in prayer stations and evangelism, getting the Bible into homes ( Click here to go to the Bibles for Kids page), children and youth ministries, and more.  Youth missions teams have a chance to see God use them in making a difference in needy communities.  Training teams travel internationally to work with refugees and in areas of the world least reached with the gospel.  We also welcome local volunteers to join us in serving!


YWAM Lebanon equips and supports missionaries who reach out locally, regionally, and internationally.  Long-term staff have been sent out to Romania, Albania, France, the Middle East and Asia.  Many of our TESOL graduates also serve globally through teaching English.  Our heart is to release disciples into the 10-40 Window which is the area of the world least reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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